Saturday, 1 January 2011

Snooze (free EP)

Happy New Year everyone. I have decided to mark 2011 by releasing some free EPs; for one, to help promote my albums, and also so that I can release some cover versions that I wouldn't have the rights to sell.

This first EP features versions of two of the songs from each album plus two cover versions.

Snooze is an acoustic version of the song that appears on the first album.

How Ever #2 is a 4-track version of the song which later became the title track of the second album. This was recorded in 1993.

The version of the Nirvana song, Polly, is one that I recorded shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain, so it was intended as a tribute to him. I realise that some of the words are wrong but back in 1994, we didn't have access to the lyrics on the internet and they never appeared in Smash Hits, the weekly pop magazine, so I had to sing what I thought they were.

The last track is my a capella version of the Pixies' song Alec Eiffel, with additional hand slaps on my legs. It was recorded in 2006.

Download the Snooze EP here